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New Mexico Big Game License & Tag Draw Application

New Mexico Big Game Draw

How Do I Apply For The Elk or Mule Deer Draw in New Mexico?

Sierra Blanca Outfitters offers a service to assist hunters with the big game draw. Whether it's elk, mule deer or antelope, we can handle all the details of the application process.

New Mexico is known throughout North America to hold some of the biggest trophy Elk and Mule Deer in the world. Due to this reputation, demand is high and public land elk or mule deer tags can be very difficult to obtain for non resident hunters.
As an Outfitter, Sierra Blanca can help to increase a hunters chances of getting drawn for a tag due to the New Mexico outfitter pool. 10% of the non resident tags are set aside for this pool and only outfitters can enter the lottery.

Sierra Blanca Outfitters will handle the entire application process for you. Your application will be filed for a one time fee of $25. As an outfitter, we have a better chance of getting you drawn for a New Mexico elk tag. If you are not drawn, Sierra Blanco Outfitters has guaranteed landowner tags  available for all species. When you arrive in camp for your hunt all the licenses are taken care of and in the your name, all you will have to worry about is hunting.

The New Mexico Big Game Draw Begins January 15th and the Deadline to Apply is March 20th, 2020.
Results of the draw are published April 29th.

Draw Application Service

New Mexico Big Game Tag Outfitter Pool - Application Service

New Mexico’s special drawing outfitters pool sets aside 10% of all big-game licenses for all units in New Mexico. To apply for the outfitters pool, hunters must apply through a licensed New Mexico Outfitter. Hunters will provide a signed power of attorney, form below, to Sierra Blanca and we will handle the details from there. Contact us to apply for the draw today!

Power of Attorney Form

New Mexico Big Game Draw Details

The big game draw in New Mexico does it's best to ensure all hunters have a fair opportunity to draw a Trophy Elk or Mule Deer tag. The drawing is done by a computer system that awards hunters tags at random. 85% of tags go to New Mexico residents and non residents are drawn for the remaining 15%. The Outfitters Pool gets 10% of the non-resident tags and individuals have a shot at the other 5%. This is why it's important to use an outfitter!

Due to the difficulty of getting drawn in New Mexico, it's a good idea to have a back up plan. At Sierra Blanca Outfitters, we offer guaranteed landowner tags for hunters not fortunate enough to have success in the draw.

Guaranteed Landowner Tags