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New Mexico Cow Elk Hunts

New Mexico Cow Elk Hunts

Cow Elk Hunting NM

The Cow Elk Hunt

Hunting is not always about trophies to hang on the wall. Some hunters are looking for a great experience in the outdoors and some delicious, free range meat to fill the freezer. Some of our clients enjoy coming to New Mexico for cow elk hunts year after year. A New Mexico cow elk hunt is a great way to spend a weekend in the outdoors and fill the freezer. While a cow elk does not have trophy antlers, they do provide a tremendous amount of meat, holding most hunters over until another hunting season arrives in the fall.

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Cow Elk Season & Packages

The cow elk season in New Mexico run January 1-31. Hunts can be scheduled on any 3 consecutive days and we can usually accommodate groups of any size but contact us for more details. All hunts are all inclusive and include lodging, meals and guides.

Private Land Cow Elk Hunting Packages

$1,600.00 (Guaranteed tags available) 3 consecutive days 

Dates: January 1-31 per person