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Early Season Elk Hunting New Mexico

Early Season Elk Hunting New Mexico

Early Season Trophy Bulls

Elk Hunting Elk in Warm Weather
By Peter Romero Sierra Blanca Outfitters, Chacon New Mexico

Early Season Trophy Bulls

Methods of Elk Hunting Early Season

Spot and stalk is a very common method of hunting used by many elk hunters in September and early season hunts. Spot and stalk is where the hunter's glass areas for elk, then come up with a plan to stalk the elk they've seen. After spotting a trophy bull, our guides will devise a plan of attack.  You may slowly creep up to within a shot of your trophy or depending on the wind and terrain, you may try and set up on a ridge or funnel where the bull will be coming through. The great thing about Sierra Blanca Outfitters is that all of our guides know the area, terrain, and the Elk. We know where they are and where they are going.

Waiting on trails between bedding and feeding areas

Elk feed at night and head to their bedding area about mid-morning. They also get up from their bedding area and start working towards feeding and watering areas in the later afternoon. A good tactic to use is waiting on the trails that lead between these bedding and feeding/watering areas. At Sierra Blanca Outfitters, we have been scouting year round and know where the elk are feeding and bedding - whether you're on Private Land Hunts or Public Land Hunts.

Sitting over a feeding area or water source

Sitting over a meadow where the elk have been feeding or a water source they have been using can be very effective. Especially on a hot day, a well-used water source such as a pond can be a great place to bag that trophy bull. A scouting camera come in handy to pattern the elk. Hunting from a tree stand in these areas can also be very effective.

Early Season Elk Harvesting

After harvesting an elk, it is important to get the meat out of the heat and on some ice immediately. At Sierra Blanca Outfitters, we get you and your elk out of the heat in record time, after some photos of course.

In hot weather hunting conditions, it is important to take care of yourself. If you are hiking, you are losing sweat and nutrients. Make sure you bring as much water as you can carry and stay aware of your distance from possible sources of water where you can refill. Bring along snacks to replace nutrients such as power bars, etc. Wear light clothing that wicks the sweat away from your body. At Sierra Blanca Outfitters, we make sure to put the safety of our hunters before anything else.

Good luck on your early-season elk hunt,

Sierra Blanca Outfitters

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